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Classic honey

Flower honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Buckwheat honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Linden (lime) honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Forest honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Acacia honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Flower honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 150 gr

Buckwheat honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 150 gr

Linden (lime) honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 150 gr

Forest honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 150 gr

Acacia honey "Tatarstan Dessert" 150 gr

Honey with nuts

Honey with pine nuts "Tatarstan Dessert" 220 gr

Honey with walnut "Tatarstan Dessert" 220 gr

Honey with cashew "Tatarstan Dessert" 220 gr

Honey with hazelnut "Tatarstan Dessert" 220 gr

Honey with almond "Tatarstan Dessert" 250 gr

Honey with assorted nuts "Tatarstan Dessert" 220 gr

Cream honey

Cream honey with pine nuts

Crean honey with walnut

Cream honey with cranberry

Cream honey nut mix

Сream honey with mint

Cream honey with ginger

Cream honey cinnamon

Cream honey with blueberries

Cream honey with coconut

Cream honey with cherry

Cream honey with cocoa

Cream honey with strawberry

Honey in a wooden barrel

Set of 3 cans

Honey in honeycombs

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